3 New Exciting Gadgets For Your Eco Home


Innovation in the construction business has always been slower than in other technological fields. But since global warming started knocking on our door, people began to develop some clever ways to produce energy, reduce waste, and save water helping us in designing and creating an eco home.

In one of the previous articles we have presented some exciting innovations in building materials (click here). Today I am going to share with you 3 of the most awesome and simple inventions launched this year that can revolutionize the way we will live in the future.

1. The energetic workout!

Imagine if during your normal workout session you could produce enough energy for your home to last 24 hours? A charity organization called Billions in change made a prototype that does just this. It uses a static bike to produce in one hour of pedalling enough energy for 24 hours. You can check out more details in the video below.

2. The clever sink!

Another innovation that uses a very simple idea, is the Eco-Bath sink, which uses the water drained from your sink to fill up the toilet reservoir, a system that can be made also by you with the help of a skilled plumber. Since it is estimated that our toilets consume around 30% of the water in our homes, you could be benefiting from some big savings in your energy and water bills, by using this system.

eco_bath3 eco_bath5


3.  Greenair filtration system

Air inside our homes is up to 5 to 10 times more polluted than outside air. That is why it’s crucial to have proper ventilation and filtration systems installed in our homes, especially homes that are super insulated (like many of the refurbished apartments in our country).

Greenair is a system that uses special selected plants combined with the power of a fan to purify the air in your home. For more details you can check their website.


GreenAir : Ecological Air Purifier Concept

What other clever home technologies have you discovered this year? Please let us know in the comments section below!


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