4 Easy DYIs that will keep your plants green for longer

Plants in Balcony
Plants in Balcony

Spring is just around the corner and that means is the perfect time to add more plants and optimism to your life. 

Why should you have more plants in your home you wonder?

Let’s start searching for answers in the existing research. A 15 year study at a New Delhi office building, with 300 occupants and over 1200 plants inside, has discovered that eye irritation, respiratory problems, headaches and asthma were significantly reduced after plants have been placed indoors. The study showed also that productivity has increased with over 20% and energy consumption was reduced with 15%. Of course 1200 plants seem like a lot but that is only 4 plants per person meaning even with just a few plants in our home we can have amazing health benefits. And there are even more reasons to have more plants in your home.

  1. First of all, plants take out CO2 from the atmosphere and release Oxygen, providing a healthy environment in your home.
  2. Green is the most relaxing color for the eye so plants will make you calmer.
  3. Plants, especially flowers, can increase your home vibration, helping to  create a more positive atmosphere.
  4. In addition to this you can grow your own food and avoid spending money on plants grown with chemicals. Or if you are a fan of cooking you can keep some fresh spices around the house. Rosemary and Basil are not only great for flavor but can also help nasty mosquitoes out. And since mosquitoes are the most dangerous creatures out there, it’s better to keep them out. http://www.gatesnotes.com/

One of the downsides of having many plants in your home is that it increases humidity levels, but with proper ventilation this problem can easily be fixed. Another problem is that plants use allot of water and according to a study by the United Nations, the water supply per capita will drop in the next 20 years with 1/3. The last inconvenience is that they take up quite allot of space. But for every problem there is at least one solution and today we will share with you some clever ways of watering your plants while minimizing waste. I have tested number 3 and the herbs that I use for cooking are still fresh even after 2 weeks without adding extra water.

So what can we do to avoid water waste when growing plants at home?

  1. Using a common PVC bucket and your old towels. This system work especially well for larger plants like tomatoes, ficus or dracaena. Using soaked towels can be an effective solution also for keeping your plants green when you have to leave home for a week and you don’t have anyone to water your plants. Simply place one end of the towel in water and place the rest of the towel on the root of the plant. The water will keep the towel and the root of the plant moist for at least a couple of days.

  1. Rain gutter system. Another option that seems to work well if you have a garden and want to forget about watering your plants is the rain gutter grow system, which uses rain gutters placed at the bottom of the plants, to feed them with nutrients and water. You will need a rain gutter, a floating valve that will keep the liquid level constant, and a water pump. The video bellow has a step by step explanation on how to make yourself a similar system.

  1. Water retention gel. The system that I have tested is explained in the video bellow. By using water retention gel (like the ones used in diapers) mixed with normal soil, 1 part soil 1 part gel, we have a self-watering system that can last up to 2 weeks without adding more water.

  1. A clay pot filled with water and buried near the plant might be also a good idea for your garden. This will create moisture in the ground and release slowly water to your plants.

I hope you are inspired to test some of this techniques. Let us know which of the watering options works best for you in the comments box bellow.

Until next time, green up!



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