Solar Power for your Home


Solar photovoltaic panels generate electricity by using light energy (photons) from the sun.

A solar system includes solar panels, inverters and in remote locations batteries.

One of the best way to use solar panels is by connecting them to the grid. In this case you supply electricity to the grid during the day and consume electricity from the grid during the night.

The optimum orientation for fixed solar panels is facing south and the optimum slope for Romania is between 35-38 degrees. Another option is to use solar trackers that rotate depending on the sun direction in order to generate up to 30 % more electricity.

A good way to estimate the electricity production of a solar system in the building area is by using the PVGIS tool. This site provides an estimation of the electricity production from a solar system by taking into consideration the following factors : the type of panels, the radiation in the area and the angle of the photovoltaic panels.  Based on your average annual energy consummation you can estimate with only a few clicks the installed capacity needed in order to be independent from the grid.

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