The Green Roof


What is a green roof ?

It consists of a lot of things but, to make it easy and explain it in very few words, it’s a roof covered with vegetation, made of 7 layers: waterproofing membrane, root barrier, protection fabric, drainage, filter layer, growing media and vegetation.

Why should you have one?

Simply because it will make you happier
How will it do that?

For start green is the most relaxing color for your eyes so whenever you get home from your 9 to 5 job you will have something relaxing to look at and you will feel more positive about going into your 5 to 9 job.

Also a green roof filters pollutants and carbon dioxide so you will not only have a good mood but you will also have more energy for your 5 to 9 job.

It creates also a natural habitat for wildlife so you will have more friends that are willing to listen to you without saying a word. Also in urban areas it creates a gathering place perfect for socializing with your neighbors.

The green roof can also save you trips to the supermarket if you chose to grow food on it. You will get joy from seeing the plants grow and you will also be sure that you are eating bio-food.

When you get inside your home, the benefits of having a green roof become even more obvious.

Because the soil blocks low frequencies sounds and the plants block higher frequencies it will act like a sound barrier for the building making you feel safer.

The green roof will also act as insulation making you feel warmer and also saving you money.

What is the downside to all of this?

The only downside of a green roof is the initial cost of the building structure which will be a little bit higher than a normal one. But a part of that investment will be recovered true the savings from your energy bill.

Still not convinced?

Try to think at all the money we spend every day on things that bring us only temporary joy, like the latest gadget or the latest designer dress. How long does the happiness of owning that item lasts ? In the best case until the new model comes along. I am not saying that those things can’t bring you joy but please remember that you can also spend money on something that not only makes you and the people in your area happier every day but also makes the world a greener place.

The choice is always yours.

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